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Is There A Difference For Customers When Shopping For Clearance Online Vs. Shopping For Clearance Items In Store – Which Shopping Method Is Better And How Can You Save The Most Money

For some people shopping is simply described as a necessary evil. A small portion of shoppers enjoy the thrill of the hunt and want to find the best deals. This can become extremely frustrating for those that seem to always strike out and typically pay full price for everything they purchase. The small percentage of shoppers that go out specifically to deal shop must have secrets. There has to be a way that they are always saving and finding the best products at the best prices. Are they shopping online only? Are they ransacking the clearance racks in search of some hidden deal that no one else knows about? What are the methods to finding products at deeply discounted prices?

There are primarily two ways to shop

  • In person in a store
  • Online

Even if you decide to utilize a personal shopping service that will deliver your products to you for a fee; you still have to select the items that you want purchased. This is a combination of both in person via the personal shopper and online via your order. In these situations, you most likely will not score a deal because the personal shopper is not paid to deal hunt for you.

How Will You Save Money While Shopping In Store?
When you finally decide to venture out into the clearance racks and attempt to find some amazing deals there are 5 informational tips you must have to prevent yourself from becoming frustrated.

Informational Tip #1
You will most likely not encounter a deal every single time you go out shopping. You cannot expect to always find what you want at a discounted price. Sometimes luck is just part of this equation. If you set yourself up with high expectations you may walk away feeling defeated and depressed. Go out with the expectation of bringing home what you need and with the hope of saving some money.

Informational Tip #2
Make a list of what you definitely need and what you want. This is for literally any type of item you are buying. If you are grocery shopping then compile a grocery list. If you are shopping at a department store then keep a list of what you need at the department store along with an additional shopping list. Perhaps some birthdays or holidays are coming up in the next few months and you’d like to start a gift stockpile. This is absolutely fine and a great way to plan ahead. Check off the “would like to buy” items as you acquire them to prevent you from over spending.

Informational Tip #3
Just because you found something on a deeply discounted deal you are not required to purchase it. If you begin purchasing items simply because they are cheap you will end up spending more money on unnecessary items and not saving. Only buy things that you need or will certainly gift in the near future.

Informational Tip #4
There are times of the year where you will definitely find the clearance sections of stores fuller of items. When the seasons are changing you will find the previous seasons items marked down. This is true after holidays as well. You will find Halloween decor deeply discounted in November and Christmas and winter related items on clearance shelves in January.

Informational Tip #5
Pay attention to coupons. Some coupons can be stacked with clearance items while others cannot. Some coupons are strictly for online purchases while others are for in-store only purchases. Other stores often have promotional savings if you use your in-store credit card. When you stack sales and coupons you will save the most money on items.

Following these 5 informational in-store shopping tips will help you save the most amount of money each time you enter a grocery store or retail store. Know when to shop and pay attention to the deals. It is also best to shop early in the morning before the stores are picked through. Stay organized with your list of necessary purchases and potential purchases. It can be easy to become carried away when you keep finding deals in person. If you buy a lot of unnecessary items you will end up spending more than you originally intended and then defeat the purpose of attempting to save money.

How Will You Save Money While Shopping Online?
Shopping online is a completely different experience from shopping in-store. In store it is easy to get carried away because you are physically seeing and touching all of the items. This results in a physical and emotional attachment to the item. Shopping online creates a disconnect. The item is virtually on the screen and not in your hands. People who shop online deals are more likely to not over spend because they are only looking at an image online. How can you save money shopping online? Here are 2 tips that will help you save money online.

Information Tip #1
Since you are already online, do a basic search of the item you want to purchase. This will give you instant comparisons at multiple retailers. You can purchase from the retailer that has the item at the deepest discount. Make sure you check shipping information. In some cases, the shipping might be free with one online retailer but costly with another.

Information Tip #2
Utilize online only coupons. A lot of retailers accept virtual coupons to help deepen the discounts on purchases. This is true for grocery shopping and retail shopping. Submit all virtual coupon codes to reduce your final total.

When a shopper starts out without an in-person connection to an item they are more likely to not feel attached to it and keep it in their shopping cart. As you add items to your virtual cart you see the total purchase amount increase. This keeps most shoppers subdued because they are aware of their total and less likely to over spend.

Which One Is Better?
When it comes down to which way of shopping is better it completely is dependent upon each individual. Those who have a strong will power to avoid over purchasing and extra time to spend browsing clearance racks and end caps will do will with in-store discount shopping. People who are busy and know they will form an attachment to inexpensive items and deals should steer clear of that type of shopping and stick with at home online shopping with coupons. Following the informational tips will empower shoppers with the ability to shop at the right times and save the most on each shopping trip.


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Shopping Tips To Save Money

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